Caitlin and Matt | Stillwater Engagement

Let me introduce to you a few new babes that I met this Fall. I personally think they are something extra special.. and it’s not just because they selected me to photograph their 2017 wedding. By the end of this post, I think you’ll know why.

I met Caitlin over a cup of coffee this Summer. We spent an early morning discussing her wedding visions. I quickly learned that her and her fiancé were my dream couple! They were looking for exactly what I want to embody.

One thing that makes me love Caitlin and Matt a heap more is the fact that they trust me. It’s so incredibly important to trust your photographer. Make sure that you select someone that you mesh well with. Someone whose work you admire not only for the fact that they fit your budget, but their imagery strikes your fancy as well.

Side Note: I absolutely LOVE when people bring their dogs to our session. First, I’m the biggest dog lover. Ever. Second, your dog will fashion a genuine smile on your face much faster than I ever will. 

The Stillwater natives lead me through their town. We stopped at a few favorite locations that sparked visual interest and went wild. We played out a few of their ideas, a few of mine, and some completely candid moments - always a favorite.

Here’s a little tid bit for you: I often times will pick an artist to listen to throughout the entire editing process of a gallery. For Caitlin and Matt, it was Gavin Degraw circa 2003. I can’t explain why, only that it made me soups emotional. 

I am so overjoyed that I get to photograph these two again in September for their wedding!! Until then, I will be revisiting these warm, October moments  all.  winter.  long.

More to come soon!