Hadley’s 1st Birthday | Lifestyle Session

I am so happy I was able to capture Hadley at such a sweet time in her life. She’s growing up fast! I know her mom and dad will cherish the moments shared this morning in their warm Saint Paul home. I can’t wait to see how this little one grows!

Let me just say that lifestyle sessions are among my favorite. They’re raw, they’re real, and they’re much more personal than a session cooked up at a neutral location. I love being invited into cozy homes to capture a slice of a family in their natural habitat. It’s a special time for you and your loved ones to let your true selves shine. You might find yourself cherishing these moments much more when captured between the walls of your own home.

Winter is the ultimate time to utilize lifestyle sessions. I’ll count the reasons for you:

1. You can sleep in

2. You don’t have to drive in the cold

3. You’ll be more comfortable 

4. Sessions don’t run as long - more time for you!

Excited to share more with you soon!