at home newborn session

On the day of Parker’s newborn session, Brit and I had plans for props, outfits, and pictures with his big sis, Lexi. Instead, Lexi was a little acrobat on the bed! But trust me when I say it was so much better this way. We captured such authentic moments between Lexi and her baby brother.  …It also was pretty comical!

This is why I love working with children. Sometimes they’re shy, sometimes they’re a ham. But it doesn’t take long for me to capture a genuine smile.

I’m not looking to capture something perfect. I’m looking to capture those few moving seconds in time that are real and represent that day, that moment, your relationships, and  your personalities. This session didn’t go like we planned, but that is totally cool. It’s to be expected, too. It’s always good to go in with a game plan, but sometimes we’re re-routed in a better direction. 

Occasionally, I have parents leave sessions a little overwhelmed with their little ones thinking that there was no way that we captured a good shot.. But I promise you, We ALWAYS come up top with candid moments that truly will represent your family way better than anything we could have formally planned. 

It’s moments in between organized shots that make your Christmas cards rock & your walls lookin lovely. I Promise. 

More coming your way soon!