Golden Hour Mini with the Molan’s

Photographing families allows me to observe a diverse dynamic that differs from family to family.. but one thing, I’ve found, remains quite similar: being a parent, is like being a comedian 24/7. You’re the funniest person in the world to your little ones! Who knew being funny would come so easy?! 

I always include the images that continue to tell your story. Even if the image is slightly out of focus, has a sprinkle of grain, or isn’t completely following any sort of rule (which I never follow anyway). I don’t compose my shots based on design rules, I follow feelings and emotion and snap my shutter when the moment rings strong. But it’s a moment that’s important and it’s yours. So I give it to you. And I LOVE those images that have a little bit more character to them. I hope you do too!

Love ya long time Molan’s!!