How many Images will I receive?

I don’t limit sessions or weddings to a set number of images. There are many variables that tie into the number you receive: the # of combos on your list, the # of locations we visit, the amount of time you book me for, etc. I can say with confidence that you will receive a gallery that is spilling with beautiful moments.

Can you edit my photos like so-and-so?

No. Much like any other artist, I can only show up with my own artistic style. Please make sure to view my website and Instagram to make sure I fit your vision.

Can you photoshop me thinner?

A blemish, spill, or cut, sure. I can photoshop those minor details out, no problem! Your body as a whole? I don't feel comfortable and won't edit any body thinner. You are beautiful just the way you are!

Do you bring a second shooter to weddings?

You bet! Second shooters are wonderful for so many different reasons. Each wedding collection will include a second shooter.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

I have been photographing weddings for the past 11 years. My first wedding was in 2013. I thought It would be my only one! I am so lucky that it was with such a sweet and caring couple. It was a great entry into wedding photography. My 2nd shooter was my best friend from college, and by the end of the night people were asking for our business card! 

How many weddings have you photographed?

60! The most I have taken on in a year was 17. I enjoy weddings very much, however I have learned that I thrive best with 5-10 weddings per year. The remainder of my time is spent booking a variety of family photos (maternity, newborn, etc.), senior, collaborative, and other small events.

How would you describe your photography style?

Vibrant, energetic, and joy-filled! During parts of a session or wedding, you'll find me up close, while other times I hang back a bit and watch how you allow  moments to unfold. When taking "posed" photos, I try to make those as UN-posed as I can. I want to uncover your natural smile & laughter. So, maybe I have you do a little hip bumpin', or tickle fight! Or, perhaps we turn up the music and dance those nerves away! Whatever we do, I try create an opportunity for you to feel comfortable and yourself.