My Favorite Work from Home Items

Before you dive in, I think its worth noting that I am bargain shopper. I wait for deals to hit and use things like the honey app to search the web for coupon codes. Especially for those bigger ticket items! I also didn't purchase all of these things at once.. it was certainly a collection of favorites that grew over time.


First of all: cute. Second: if you're a photog or digital artist, having more range of motion with an external mouse is GREAT!


This little keyboard is the perfect size! Its the same size as my macbook pro keyboard and everything is in the space familiar place.. which made the transition a breeze. Its round keys are just so satisfying to type on! It's my favorite.

Lollido Workspace

Nice, clean, warm and easy for my mouse to glide over.


For the longest time, I was under the impression that if I were to have a monitor, it HAD to be Apple. Let me tell you friends, it does not. I found this monitor on major sale and went for it. Make sure to calibrate your monitor to your laptop so that your editing stays consistent.

Laptop Desk

I found this particular desk is often on sale. If you are able to grab it on sale too, its the best bang for your buck! Features:

  • Slide out mouse pad, that you can use on either the left or right - your choice!
  • Removable light that can be stored in the cushion
  • Wrist rest - I've never used one of these before, but I love it so much that I'm considering getting one for my actual desk space.
  • Tablet slot
  • Phone slot
  • Sturdy cushioned bottom

My only drawback is that it doesn't have enough space to sit my external hard drive. So far its not a deal breaker for me. There are too many useful features for me to get petty.


Music is a must! Having a good pair of headphones helps me immerse myself in what I'm doing. The bluetooth is such a great feature, as I can run around the house without being disconnected from my jams. I purchased my set in 2019. They are my absolute favorite I've ever had! However, they are pretty worn on the ears.. which over time makes sense. It doesn't interrupt the quality of sound or comfort. 


I had the 2020-2021 version of this and it was my ALL TIME FAVORITE! The only reason that I didn't get it for 2022 is because I wanted to support a local small business owner instead (click here to view my 2022 planner). What I loved about this planner:

  • Its an 18 month planner
  • Has a large monthly view
  • Has a weekly view with boxes to keep organized
  • Monthly tabs on the side, so you can easily flip to where you need to
  • Has a variety of different ways to take notes in the back
  • Includes devotions