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Sessions starting at $395
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2021 will be my last year taking on weddings.   However, if you are having a intimate wedding, or elopement, I may be available depending on season and coverage.

During our session, I aim to bring forth the inner essence of each individual. Whether it be family, children, maternity, portrait, or wedding, I strive to make authentic connections with those who are photographed. In return, you are gifted with vibrant memories that you can decorate your home with. 

Still have questions?

Here are our most commonly asked questions answered

How many Images will I receive?

I don’t limit sessions or weddings to a set number of images. There are many variables that tie into the number you receive: the # of combos on your list, the # of locations we visit, the amount of time you book me for, etc. I can say with confidence that you will receive a gallery that is spilling with beautiful moments.

When will my gallery be ready?

For sessions: It truly depends on the season, and how much I have booked at that time. I aim to post previews within the first week. Full galleries are completed between 2-4 weeks.  My busy season tends to begin May through October. Don't worry though, it'll be worth the wait!

For weddings: This is something we will chat about during our first meeting together. You will also see a preview posted within 1 week of your wedding date.

Do you provide a second shooter for  weddings?

You bet! Second shooters are wonderful for so many different reasons. Each wedding collection will include a second shooter.

How would you describe your photography style?

Vibrant, energetic, and joy-filled! During parts of a session or wedding, you'll find me up close, while other times I hang back a bit and watch how you allow  moments to unfold. When taking "posed" photos, I try to make those as UN-posed as I can. I want to uncover your natural smile & laughter. So, maybe I have you do a little hip bumpin', or tickle fight! Or, perhaps we turn up the music and dance those nerves away! Whatever we do, I try create an opportunity for you to feel comfortable and yourself.