My beautiful, hilarious, strong, outspoken Nana is who I have named my business after. Many people knew her by Dolly. Being Italian, Nana was always animated. She used her hands and her loud voice to express the way she felt. Whether it was because the Vikings defense were chasing a scrambling Quarterback, or she was telling a story, Nana never failed to use her hands or loud voice to get her point across. She was expressive in all aspects of life. Being with Nana, my faith grew leaps and bounds. I've never met someone quite like her. She made a lasting impression on all who were lucky enough to meet her. Nana taught me much about life and about myself. I truly want my business to embody her spirit in the deepest way possible.

Being with someone when they are dying is an honor. While you are sad to lose them, you hold on to each memory as they slip further and further away. I realize now that my Nana is one of my links between Heaven and Earth. 

Here's to Dolly