Building Memories: A Family Photo Journey in the Doll House Studio

When Terri got in touch about a family photoshoot, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Here’s the lowdown: Back in the ’90s, Terri and her family were the owners of our home, and they’re the creative minds behind the birth of what we now affectionately call the Doll House. Fun fact: In those days, it was a buzzing garden shop, not the cozy studio it is today.

Welcoming them back for the session was like stepping into a time capsule of memories. Terri showed up with a mason jar filled with the vibrant blooms from her garden—a thoughtful touch that set the tone for the entire shoot. The session itself was a love-filled dance, and my camera worked overtime to capture the genuine moments that unfolded. Adding to the charm, Terri and her family not only crafted the Doll House but also planted the apple trees next to the studio—a little legacy that keeps growing with each passing season. Connecting with Terri and her family was beyond special, and I’m truly grateful for the chance to freeze these beautiful memories in time. 

Location: The Doll House Studio 

Taylors Falls, Minnesota