Lauren + Tyler ⼁Stylish Solar Arts Wedding

As much as wedding planning can seem it’s about a thousand little decisions, the whole make-up of a wedding is really about the people you love existing in one room together. Everyone who has shared a special piece of your time on earth together in one space celebrating love.
Putting together this selection of visuals has reminded me just how many loved ones from across the globe came together for Lauren and Tyler’s nuptials.  What a powerful day for these two.. I also have to admit that I wish there were a copy & paste button for wedding planning. Because when the time comes for me, my ideal plan would be to shuffle around a few of my own humans into the mix & insert me + my beloved and bada bing bada boom.. This wedding would be it!

Hotel: The Commons Hotel

Venue: Solar Arts by Chowgirls

Dress: Che Bella Bridal

Jewelry: Chloe and Isabel 

Hair Piece: Etsy 

Hair: Ehr styling 

Makeup: Andrea Reis makeup artistry

Suit Jacket: Macy’s 

Pants, Shirt & Bow Tie Rentals: mens warehouse 

Floral: Lillia Flower Boutique 

DJ: Abbey Road Events 

Desserts: Something sweet by Maddie Lu 

Catering: Chowgirls Killer Catering