Little Duck

Today is a hard day for many. I wasn’t sure how to go through the motions of my day today, so I decided that I wanted to refocus my energy on something positive. This morning, I sought out to find the perfect first book to give my little niece or nephew. One that would give me hope for this little ones future. I wanted to make a day like today feel a little less hopeless and repurpose it. So yes, I did a little therapy shopping for my Little Duck. I call him or her “Little Duck”. I can’t explain to you why this is. Only that it’s been stuck in my mind, so i feel its fate. 

Let me take you back to the moment when we all found out:

A few weeks ago, we spent the night celebrating my sister Jenna’s 30th birthday a little early. My siblings and I had big plans for Jenna to “knock her 20’s” out of a mock piñata of her (see end of post for visual). Not long after we arrived, we found out that this was maybe not the best idea for a mother to be!

Sitting around Jenna and Adam’s living room, everything felt normal. I was with my favorite people on earth, so yes it was special in that sense.. But still, just another night with my beloved fam. Jenna patiently opened each present, carefully saving Adam’s for last. When Adam’s present was left, they exchanged a few words before opening the gift. We later learned this was rehearsed - they didn’t want us catching on… because you know how cleaver we Ferguson’s are!!! Pretty classic if you know them. Such planners.

I should have figured it out when I saw how perfectly it was wrapped (by Jenna). But no, zero idea yet. Jenna unwrapped the gift, and yes she looked nervous. But again, no alarms going off yet. She doesn’t like being the center of attention, so this is total Jenna behavior. The first thing she took out of the gift box was a small brown bear. Next, a sweatshirt that reads “Mama Bear”. My mom quickly exclaimed, “cute!!! Emma’s Mom!!!” Exactly what I was thinking too, Mom.

It wasn’t until she pulled out a tiny onesie that said “Baby Bear” that the wheels started to turn.. Ya, we’re oblivious, what of it?! After about 10 seconds of shock, the Ferguson crew went into full on celebration mode! I acted quickly and grabbed my camera in the next room and immediately started documenting my new favorite moment in life. The photos are chaotic and imperfect, but I love them so much. They describe the complete, total excitement and surprise none of us saw coming.

Here is another bit of information for you: I have been roommies with Jenna and Adam since September. They had me totally fooled into believing they were waiting THREE YEARS before having their first born!! I also accused Adam of being a Father over Snapchat just a few days prior to the big reveal - it was a joke of course, but he didn’t know that… and I didn’t know how true it really was!!

If any of you know my mother, she is the most kind hearted woman alive. Her face was beaming with excitement! Although I would be lying if I didn’t tell you there were a few moments I looked over and wondered if she needed medical attention.. (joking).. but truly, her reaction was EVERYTHING. 

The next morning, I rushed home between sessions to photograph the reveal to Adam’s family. I watched as Jenna mixed drinks with Diane - She secretly made a non-alcoholic drink for herself to keep the act up.

When it came time to open presents, I chose my seat strategically. I watched round 2 as Jenna opened her presents. I kid you not, Jenna holds up the brown bear and Chrissy already knows. HOW?! You Zamijahn’s really have it together. Jenna holds up the sweatshirt and onesie and the reactions play out perfectly. Absolutely priceless. I am so thankful to have been there to photograph the moment for their family as well.

My favorite part was watching Madeline examine everyones reactions knowing very well that SOMETHING is going on. She just wasn’t quite sure what yet. She’s a smart cookie and she figured it out soon after.

Ever since that day, my Mom and I have called each other each morning and we talk about “our baby”. Meanwhile, Dad’s been signing his emails as “pop”. We are so excited that OUR BABY will be with us in May!!! We can’t wait to meet you, Little Duck. 



(& Jenna in the form of a piñata)