Sarah + Matt | Hidden Falls Engagement

Something that you can do to pave the way for an awesome session is framing your mentality for it before you leave your house. Visualize what you want to happen during your session and allow it to actually happen. I know how intimidating it can be to have a person you hardly know pointing a big piece of glass in your direction. This is an hour or two of your life that is supposed to represent your relationship with your loved one, and maybe that can bring on a bit of pressure. Of course you’re going to feel uncertain and awkward in front of the camera at first - it’s so normal to feel this way. But I promise you one thing. If you enter your session with a positive mindset, beautiful things will happen. Shake out all the worry and embrace each moment you spend with the your #1 human. Be goofy, be awkward, be spontaneous, and be yourself. Allow yourself to experience genuine moments. Allow yourself to look silly. And definitely let out an abundance of laughter! If you allow yourself to let loose during your session, you will leave so empowered! I think that Sarah and Matt were such grand examples of allowing their true selves to flourish during their session.. Take a peek.