Spring Blossoms and Baby Bumps⼁Maternity Sesh at The Doll House Studio

Stephanie and Matt’s maternity session at the Doll House was pure magic! The studio was buzzing with excitement and love as soon as they walked through the door. Matt was such a sweet partner, wrapping his arms around Stephanie and totally amping her up as a glowing mama-to-be. It was so evident that they were over the moon with anticipation for their little one’s arrival! After a long Winter, we couldn’t help but spend a little time in the sun (finally!), with some photos with their dog, Sven. We took a little mini walk with Sven, who gave me loads of kisses which added an extra dose of joy to my day! 

After our shoot, these two took me up on a couple of my recommendations - I always suggest that my clients have breakfast or lunch at The Watershed in Osceola, if they have the time. They have the best food + atmosphere. I myself was on my way to The Watershed when I ended up running into Stephanie + Matt as they were exiting The Sleepy Thicket, where they had just purchased a new outfit for their babe! They were on their way to roam the aisles of the antique store next-door, where they were hunting for some items for the nursery… Small towns are the best. These photographs will undoubtedly serve as beautiful keepsakes for Stephanie and Matt to cherish for years to come. I can hardly wait to connect with them again soon for their newborn shoot when little one arrives!