Why I Love Photographing Children

It’s simple really. Little ones show me their true spirit. They show their feelings and they don’t hold back. Whether it’s joy or happiness.. Sadness or anger.. They’ll sometimes tell me jokes and they always make goofy faces!  

It’s not always a breeze. Sometimes when I meet little ones at their session, they’re shy. Or sometimes their session falls on a bad day. We can’t control how they’re going to feel when you book your session, but we can make the most of our time together and do our best to make them smile.

Maybe sharing this session isn’t fair, because I’ve known these little nuggets since they were even littler nuggets. While editing their session, my eyes filled with tears. I have an abundance of love for this sweet fam.

I think it can be overwhelming for parents when they walk into a session hoping to get one good family photo, but their child wants to play. But that is exactly what we should do with them - play! That family photo will happen naturally. Childhood only has so many years, and they are so so precious. Embrace those silly faces and goofy attitudes while you can <3 I hope this set of images bring a smile to your face.