1. Homestead Haven ⼁ Capturing Maternity Moments on Wisconsin Land

    2024-02-01 00:56:00 UTC
    In the golden hour glow of a Wisconsin Summer, I had the joy of capturing these soon-to-be parents. All while bathing in the warm hues of sunset and a thick layer of bug spray – the unofficial accessory of outdoor shoots! With their incredible land as the backdrop and our…

  2. Crisp Cool Morning Maternity ⼁ From Interstate Park to The Doll House Studio

    2024-01-31 19:14:00 UTC
    Honored to continue capturing the Walz family, year after year through each and every milestone. This Fall, we had a gorgeous day at Interstate Park, and ended in my Studio, The Doll House. Interstate Park opened the session up for an adventure along the St Croix River, while the studio…

  3. Fresh Family Photos Amidst Autumn’s Rich Foliage

    2023-12-29 06:08:00 UTC
     For those who may arrive to their session with a hint of disappointment at the overcast skies, for me, it’s sheer excitement! Cloudy days mean a canvas of even lighting, creating the perfect conditions to capture families at their most authentic. It’s my favorite kind of day, where the soft…

  4. Building Memories: A Family Photo Journey in the Doll House Studio

    2023-12-29 04:24:55 UTC
    When Terri got in touch about a family photoshoot, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Here’s the lowdown: Back in the ’90s, Terri and her family were the owners of our home, and they’re the creative minds behind the birth of what we now affectionately call the Doll House. Fun fact…

  5. A Clean Canvas for Extended Family Joy

    2023-12-29 02:56:00 UTC
    Large or extended family photoshoots are some of my absolute favorites—the unfiltered, genuine connections that bind generations together. It goes beyond smiles directed at the camera; it’s about freezing the laughter, shared stories, and the subtle nuances that define your family’s unique language. In these candid moments, the beauty lies…

  6. A Winter Maternity Retreat Nestled in the Doll House Studio

    2023-12-13 20:03:00 UTC
    Instagram has proven to be an important tool for my business, leading me to families like the B Family, who exuded a warmth and infectious joy the moment they walked into their winter maternity session at The Doll House Studio. Welcoming the anticipation of their newborn, especially with the radiant…

  7. Harvesting Happiness: Capturing Fall Frames in Grandpa & Grandma’s Front Yard

    2023-12-12 04:20:00 UTC
    What better backdrop for your annual family portraits than the front yard at Grandma and Grandpa’s house? It’s not just a picturesque setting; it’s a place saturated with the warmth of countless cherished memories. From holiday gatherings to summer barbecues, G&G’s front yard has witnessed the laughter, love, and growth…

  8. Leafy Trails and Toddler Tales⼁A Fall Expedition in the St. Croix River Valley

    2023-11-20 23:22:00 UTC
    One of my absolute favorite Fall sessions I’ve photographed - filled with authentic moments that shine so bright in the beautiful hues of autumn. Location: Interstate Park in Taylors Falls, Minnesota

  9. Mini Session Magic: Crafting a Handful of Autumn Memories in Minutes

    2023-11-07 03:16:00 UTC
    Sometimes, all you need is a mini session - In mere minutes, we turned a picturesque field, adorned with tall pines and wildflowers, into a canvas of autumn memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. This brief yet magical experience effortlessly turned fleeting moments into cherished keepsakes💛

  10. A Love as Vast as the Mountains: Mike + Court’s Grand Lake Wedding

    2023-08-18 02:14:00 UTC
    Complete with Western Flair and Boat Day Bliss - Snapshots of my brothers wedding, taken on Panasonic Lumix DC-LX100. I’m so glad I had this in tow during some pretty fun moments! I only wish I would have taken more. So thrilled to *officially* welcome Court to the fam🤍