1. Colorful Senior Photos⼁Liz

    07 Apr 2020
    Senior photos certainly didn’t look as glam & cool for me as they do for high school kids today. I think I picked my outfit out the night before.. Or maybe even morning of! Needless to say, senior photos have elevated. And I am here for it.

  2. Claire + Andy⼁Dreamy Minneapolis Wedding

    03 Apr 2020
    10 things I loved about Claire & Andy’s wedding day: 1.  Claires closest friends gathered around her, each placing a hand on a shoulder, and prayed over her. This was such a beautiful moment to witness. 2.  Claire and Andy had a very small wedding party, but no designated wedding…

  3. Kathleen + Thomas⼁Traditional Summer Wedding

    28 Mar 2020
    I began piecing together this post over a year ago - well, now we’re all quarentined… so what better time to revist and complete it! Kathleen & Thomas were married on a beautiful Summer day in 2018.  Their day was rich with tradition and centered around what matters most -…

  4. Savannah + Dillon | Vibrant Arcade Engagement

    16 Mar 2019
    When Savannah & Dillon selected an arcade for the second part of their session, I did the biggest happy dance - I LOVE when people invite me to take photos of them doing something completely fun! Whenever there is an activity involved, it helps to lift any of those nervous…

  5. Winter Family Photos⼁Studio

    06 Mar 2019
    I photographed Jordan and Syrus’ wedding on a warm day in 2015. It wasn’t until recently that I learned they have two beautiful babies! Where has the time gone?? I truly love every single photo that I’m sharing today. These images show tiny glimmers of who these little humans are…

  6. Fall Family Photos | Apple Orchard

    28 Feb 2019
    Scrunched faces, open mouth smiles, + squinty eyes because you’re  JUST  SO  HAPPY.   Those are the moments when my shutter goes crazy! Today, I’m  sharing a selection of my favorite photos from my sister’s family session. The little boy in the photos below is my nephew, Gavin. He’s the first…

  7. Fall Family Photos | Saint Anthony Main

    28 Feb 2019
    Maybe you didn’t know this about me, or maybe you’ve heard me say this 1,000 x already -  I LOVE photographing families. Photographing the bonds that exist within a family is so exciting!  In my experience, the photographs that are most cherished are the ones that you allow to happen…

  8. Caitlin + Matt | September Rooftop Wedding

    19 Jan 2018
    I had a feeling that Caitlin + Matt’s September wedding would be one that would leave a mark on my heart. A tiny inkling that it would be a step leading me down a more adventurous approach to weddings. Their honest trust allowed me to open my mind to a…

  9. Lauren + Tyler ⼁Stylish Solar Arts Wedding

    17 Dec 2017
    As much as wedding planning can seem it’s about a thousand little decisions, the whole make-up of a wedding is really about the people you love existing in one room together. Everyone who has shared a special piece of your time on earth together in one space celebrating love.Putting together…

  10. Why I Love Photographing Children

    23 Nov 2017
    It’s simple really. Little ones show me their true spirit. They show their feelings and they don’t hold back. Whether it’s joy or happiness.. Sadness or anger.. They’ll sometimes tell me jokes and they always make goofy faces!   It’s not always a breeze. Sometimes when I meet little ones at…